Helpful Pool Tips

Pool Tips

Here are some helpful tips for basic pool maintenance.

How to keep your pool running its best

Run your filter 24 hours a day. Add Chlorine daily to help keep the water clean and clear. Bring in a water sample for free testing at either of our locations. Just make sure you put your water sample in a clean and sanitary container. We always offer free advice and welcome new pool owners.

How to find the volume of your pool

You can use these simple formulas to estimate the volume of your pool (in gallons):

Pool Volume Calculator

Save Money with Solar Covers

Using a Solar Cover on your Pool can save you a lot of money! Here’s how:

  • Solar covers raise the temperature of your pool 10-15 degrees, reducing the need to use your pool heater.
  • They cut Chlorine consumption by up to 1/2.
  • They keep your pool clean and free of debris which means less time cleaning and more time enjoying!
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